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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


(apparently this is what i do when my husband is gone...)
i finally finished my raincoat. it took a very long time but i did learn a few things.
1. sewing machines do not like plastic. a trick i learned after sewing over half the coat by hand is to stick tape on to the bottom of the foot (on the sewing machine). works like a charm. 
2. i am in dire need of a thimble. 
3. cooper does not like clear plastic, it makes funny noises.

i would love to post a tutorial on this but it was a pain to make, so here's my steps...
buy a simple pattern. buy clear plastic according to the pattern. buy trim, lots of trim. cut out the pattern. sew together. sew on the trim. done.

other diy tutorials can be found at apair-andaspare and  matterofstyle

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