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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


as i've said many times, halloween is my faaaaavorite holiday. i love to dress up! i love making costumes and coming up with crazy ideas. today for work i have calmed it down with simple bunny ears made from black glitter wired ribbon and skeleton over the knee socks from modcloth. i will be celebrating my halloween at home with my guys. i'm planning on giving out candy to the early birds and then shutting off the lights and chillin on the couch. sounds like a good night! but now it's off to the work party to get junk food and maybe a couple drinks.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012


for the second part of our fabulous 2012 halloween we took pictures at our place with the new back drop i made and my dslr and heading downtown to gypsy. this was only the second time i'd been to gypsy but it has a little bit of everything; multiple bars, tables, karaoke, and even a little club. mostly we went there because it was having a halloween event and it was only $5 a person. it was crazy fun, thanks to everyone who came out!!
pictures at gypsy...
megan singing acdc


part 1 at carrie's in newberg!!! her decorations were freaking awesome. everywhere you looked there was something halloween related. and she made a huge spread of food!!! we laughed all night an played a really fun cranium game and of course the ladies killed the guys!
here was my first testing on my "photobooth." not too bad.
thanks carrie for having us over! i love you!