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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


i got this bad boy the other day. i love it and the bean store donates money to a dachshund rescue. they have other bags, some accessories, and a cute blog!


i've been seeing these tees pop up everywhere and even for over $40! insane. so i made my own. i did a practice run on one of my husbands old tees. it was really easy just cut out the pieces and stretch the cotton to get the "finished look."


i love all shiny things and this past weekend i went to ed house of gems in portland off sandy blvd and was in heaven. i bought a small bag full of pretty rocks now i am going to make projects. my first...crystal covered lids. this took some time. i was able to glue two at a time but I would have to wait to until those were dry to add more. i have my two finished jars in my bathroom along with my perfume and apothecary jars.

here's a few pics of the other ed's house of gems...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


1. prepare the bowl with a dye and water mixture (follow the directions on the box)
2. twist and tie up your shirt with the string. i used about 15 four inch long pieces
3. and then let your shirt soak in the dye. i left mine in for about 2 hours
4. take all the ties off, and rinse out the shirt
5. i threw mine in the washing machine to ensure i get all the dye out
6. dry and wear your new creation

Monday, June 25, 2012


sunday: margaritas with the inlaws
monday: lipstick case from a friend
tuesday: made my leggings!
wednesday: tutorial for the leggings
thursday: olympic trials for the hammer throw
friday: ruby at ringlers and then 80s night dance party
saturday: eds house of gems, heaven.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


1. lay out your fabric. i used 1.5 yards depending on what kind of skirt you want you make want more or less.
2. straighten any edges.
3. start pinning pleats.
4. make sure you have enough pleats to be the length of your waist band (or vice versa).
5. use a long length stitch to sew down the pleats.
6. sew on the waist band. the band should be on the outside of the skirt.
7. after you ensure it fits sew the two edges of the band together. i used a wide but tight zigzag stitch.
8. start hemming with's easier if you have someone to help you pin the length while you have it on. i did it myself so i kept having to try on the skirt and adjust the length accordingly.
9. once you have the right length all the way around cut off the extra fabric (make sure you still have a 1/4- 1/2 extra for the hem.
10. sew the hem.
11. done!
there are many great tutorials out there on how to make maxi skirts. here's a couple i have come across...individual rivalrymorning by morning productions, and elle apparel.


a few weekends ago we went out to hood river for my moms birthday and did the fruit loop. we ate at full sail, went wine tasting a 2 different wineries, saw alpacas, my mom bought a giant pot of flowers, and got ice cream (i had a mini pie). it was a gorgeous sunday and always good to hang out with the fam. happy birthday mama, i love you!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


it's getting close to the end of the month...let's see how i am doing. i have a couple things crossed off but not enough. i am going to put aside the food section until later. i don't have much time left so hopefully i can finish off my last couple of things before the end of the month.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


1. use your leggings as your pattern. fold the leggings in half and pin them to the fabric (make sure the fabric is folded over so that you will be cutting two pieces). 
2. add at least 1/2 inch to the bottom/ankle (for the hem), pin this! otherwise you may forget and just cut. add 1.25 inches (or more if your elastic is thicker then 1/2 inch) to the top/waistband, pin this too so you dont forget. 
3. now cut out your first leg make sure there is a quarter of an inch extra on both sides of the leg (you will need this for the seams), there should be two pieces. use your first leg as the pattern for the next. use steps 1-3 for this leg. now you should have 4 pieces.
4. with two of the pieces put them together with the pattern inside, these pieces should be mirroring each other.  
5. pin together the middle waist and crotch area only. 
6. sew this area together. i used a very open zigzag stitch. the zig zag allows the fabric to stretch without breaking the thread. i tested a few different stitches before landing on what i wanted to use. now repeat 5 & 6 with the other two pieces.
7. you should have 2 pieces partial sewn together. align them with the patterns on the inside and pin the inner and outer legs together. leave 1.25 inches unpinned at the top/waist band and 1/2 inch at the ankle. 
8. roll 1/2 inch at the ankle for each piece, pin, and sew down. then sew together the pinned pieces.
9. roll over 1/2 inch (just like the ankle) of the waist band, pin and sew down. roll over 1.25 inches around the entire waist band, pin down, and sew.
10. do not sew down a small area about 2 inches, you will need to add in the elastic band. i find it easiest to pin a safety pin to one edge of the elastic and thread it through the band. once you have the elastic all the way through sew the sides of the elastic together. now finish sewing the 2 inches down. and you are complete!
[hint: the whole project took me under 2 hours. i tried on on the pants after about every step to make sure they fit. after i completed the pants and liked the way i look i went back in and sewed all the sides again to help with durability.]

i make most of my projects through trial and error so i tend to take out a lot of stitches and take in more. i was extremely lucky to find this material on sale. a lot of the swimwear fabric were 25% off at mill end beaverton and i already had thread and elastic at home. let me know if you have any questions. i am happy to help.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


i had a major score at goodwill. i spent $19 and got 2 pairs of shorts, 1 capri, and a pair of wide leg hudson's. my honey actually found the floral shorts, he was completely kidding when he picked them up but i loved them. now i have 3 new paris of shorts along with the 3 i made last week. i should have enough now...
these were pretty high waisted and large so along with cutting them shorter i have to take in the hips and thighs. 
i was planning on bleaching or tye dying a pair but i found these and they were all ready for me. i was especially lucky with these because they have and adjustable waist band so i am able to cinch them up to fit perfect. and i had to add a couple studs to make them more hardcore.

these were old navy jean capris. i chopped them off added, studs, washed them, and painted with acrylics. now i have something fancy to wear for the fourth of july.

possible future projects?
i love lace and of course leopard.


this past Wednesday i took work off and spent some quality time on diy/grafts and quality time with my coop.
crazy soft bunny puff for your hair. click here for the tutorial. i bought my hair ties from michaels but you can also find them on esty.
i love the inspiration! i went to 3 different fabric stores and couldn't find a cheap applique similar to the tutorials. finally i found some bridal lace and bought dye to make them pink. i decided to hand sew on my lace with as minimal stitches as possible (just so i could take them off and it wouldn't ruin my shorts). check out the tutorial here.
there isn't a tutorial but i just found cool metal jewelry pieces i had laying around and used E-6000 (found at any hardware or craft store) to glue them on. i searched online for cheap glasses and found these on for $8.
i bought my shorts from target awhile back because i liked the rich red color. scallops are everywhere so i thought i'd try it out on these because they were pretty inexpensive. i first made a pattern for my scallops to insure they would all be the same then i traced them onto the shorts and cut it out. i ironed interfacing to stiffen the edges and sewed all the edges to finish them off.
i came across these adorable jean shorts in pinterest from ofakind. they were a little too spendy for me at  $68 so i decided to make them. i have a few yards of jean material left over from a screen printing class i took and thick elastic band from my 80s peplum skirt. so this whole project cost me $0. i didn't have a pattern so i just winged it. i had to try them on several times and pull out some seams and start over but now i have a custom fit part of cute jean shorts.
silk cotton scarf. i found this beautiful material and had no idea what i was going to do with it until i found this bright yellow bias tape. it was pretty tricky because the strip material was slippery but finally i finished and love it!
i took a little trip to oregon leather last week and bought up a few scraps. collars are everywhere lately, jeweled, spiked, and glittered. so i thought why not a made a couple of my own. again i didn't have any templates so i tried to make a few out of paper first before cutting the leather.

it was a very successful day.