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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


1. use your leggings as your pattern. fold the leggings in half and pin them to the fabric (make sure the fabric is folded over so that you will be cutting two pieces). 
2. add at least 1/2 inch to the bottom/ankle (for the hem), pin this! otherwise you may forget and just cut. add 1.25 inches (or more if your elastic is thicker then 1/2 inch) to the top/waistband, pin this too so you dont forget. 
3. now cut out your first leg make sure there is a quarter of an inch extra on both sides of the leg (you will need this for the seams), there should be two pieces. use your first leg as the pattern for the next. use steps 1-3 for this leg. now you should have 4 pieces.
4. with two of the pieces put them together with the pattern inside, these pieces should be mirroring each other.  
5. pin together the middle waist and crotch area only. 
6. sew this area together. i used a very open zigzag stitch. the zig zag allows the fabric to stretch without breaking the thread. i tested a few different stitches before landing on what i wanted to use. now repeat 5 & 6 with the other two pieces.
7. you should have 2 pieces partial sewn together. align them with the patterns on the inside and pin the inner and outer legs together. leave 1.25 inches unpinned at the top/waist band and 1/2 inch at the ankle. 
8. roll 1/2 inch at the ankle for each piece, pin, and sew down. then sew together the pinned pieces.
9. roll over 1/2 inch (just like the ankle) of the waist band, pin and sew down. roll over 1.25 inches around the entire waist band, pin down, and sew.
10. do not sew down a small area about 2 inches, you will need to add in the elastic band. i find it easiest to pin a safety pin to one edge of the elastic and thread it through the band. once you have the elastic all the way through sew the sides of the elastic together. now finish sewing the 2 inches down. and you are complete!
[hint: the whole project took me under 2 hours. i tried on on the pants after about every step to make sure they fit. after i completed the pants and liked the way i look i went back in and sewed all the sides again to help with durability.]

i make most of my projects through trial and error so i tend to take out a lot of stitches and take in more. i was extremely lucky to find this material on sale. a lot of the swimwear fabric were 25% off at mill end beaverton and i already had thread and elastic at home. let me know if you have any questions. i am happy to help.

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