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Monday, September 30, 2013


9.22.13 - 9.29.13

yvonne's birthday. pillows. bloody mary.


this week wasn't crazy but i kept busy. monday night we went to thirsty lion at washington square to celebrate yvonne's birthday. it's got a little crazy, i thought the neighboring tables would complain. there's never a dull moment with yvonne.

our new pillow collection is coming along very nicely. before we had the same red and yellow pillows covering our couch and i was sick of them. so i have been slowly getting new cases to cover those. i bought 3 from h&m home online (one of my new favorite stores), 1 from ikea, and i made the "that's my spot" pillow on cafepress for jason's birthday.

the rest of the week was pretty uneventful except for me going back to the gym. it feels so good to be able to workout again.

friday we got some sweet gear from work. i got an amazing jacket and vest for free and a couple present for the guys.

saturday was jam packed. i met with my roommate from college to go over her impending nuptials. i'm going to help her with some wedding designs. then i picked up lic and went to portland to celebrate cayden and tristans birthdays. and then back out to beaverton to get ready and go out to celebrate carrie's dirty thirty. i tried my best to catch up to the girls but i couldn't quite get to their level but we had a ton of fun! i love my work family, we have become so close these past couple years.
and sunday i took a long nap and got a bloody mary to boost my system.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


a few weeks back i went to my 3rd grouplove show in portland with my sis. 
as always they were great. i love their quirkiness.
feel free to enjoy my video's of the show at star theater.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


j turned 33 this september and he had 3 days of birthday celebrations. 

on the friday before we went out to dinner at claim jumpers


saturday the day of we had a wedding so we didn't get to celebrate much. but i did give him one of his gifts...


a "that's my spot pillow" I made on cafepress. If you don't watch big bang theory you should but it's a common saying by sheldon cooper, jim parson's character.

and i baked him a funfetti 33 cake with gummy bears.


sunday we celebrated with the fams. 

my mom and her exchange student made a cake with "happy birthday jason" written in japanese.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


on september 7th we were invited to the wedding of kelsey rutter and josh stephenson at the left bank annex in portland. the decor and food was amazing. i was perfect and so them. 

after the ceremony there was a cocktail hour we we chatted and drank some amazing little drinks. my favorite being a raspberry bellini.

dinner of course was fabulous. it was platted with a choice of chicken, steak, or salmon.

salt and straw came for dessert and we danced the night away.


after we got back from vegas we made a quick trip to oaks park which i haven't been to in years and made sushi with my sister's exchange student yuki. 

i only went on one ride and this was not it. but the whole time i was on it all i kept thinking is please don t let me die. i have officially become old.

our colorful sushi.


(my posts are going to be a little out of order while i try to play catch up do bare with me. hopefully i can get the rest of the hawaii pictures soon and post those. too)

Monday, September 23, 2013


i made this awhile ago but never got around to posting pictures. 

all you need is:
adhesive (i used jewelry glue)
2 jeweled pieces (found at any craft or fabric store)
1 band (any material will work but i used a elastic)
2 clips

and there are multiple ways you can wear it. here are two...


my bff chinn turned 27 this week. bastille at the doug fir. 
diy'ing. yummy lunch of salmon bites, jalapeno rolls, 
and mushrooms with vegan cheese and tuna.

chinn's birthday cake. overalls.


this week wasn't crazy busy but there were some highlights. friday after happy hour with my coworkers, my sis and i went to see bastille at the doug fir. they were amazing!!!! one of the best shows we've been too. and when dan came into the crowd he locked hands with my sister. i tried to take a picture but i was in shocked.
i finally made time to make some diy things and taking some pictures. 
and i got together with some people i haven't seen in awhile to celebrate ashley's 27th birthday and check her new house in portland.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

VEGAS 2013

a few weeks ago we had our annual trip to las vegas. jason just loves that place. this year we stayed at new york new york again because we spend most of our time in that hotel.

we walked the strip and went classy with yardsticks of frozen drinks and bottle of beer and wine. (and of course the wine was mini size.)

our most favorite game! simga derby! this is the only game i ever bet one. we didn't win anything but that didnt matter. i just love to see the tiny horses run around the track.

and for the main event...

beatles love cirque du soleil!

it was amazing!!! so many beautiful things to look at and oh the music. i want to go every time we come to vegas!


i've been looking for cases for my glasses for awhile and haven't come across anything i like that is a decent price. so i decided to make my own. 

all you need is the material you want (something thicker is best), thread and a needle (i used waxed thread), something to poke holes in the material (i used a leather tool with a hammer), scissors to cut the material, and of course glasses.

i decided on the shape. i wanted something that mimicked the shape of glasses. i cut my pattern on a folded edge so i only needed to sew 2 sides.

i punched a few holes at a time and then sewed it up. i found it easier to work like this then punch all the holes at once. 

and done. it's really easy and cheap.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


9.9.13 - 9.16.13

future eyes. grouplove hat. grouplove at the star theater. 
my boss wearing a coconut bra.

coe funday with some of the crew. tosh at the paramount theater. 
drinking with dave and hannah. coopy on our new rug.


busy as always. last week was rough for my knee. i couldn't work out and could barely walk so i took wednesday and worked from home to give it a rest. my sis and i went to our third grouplove show. i love them! we had the annual coe fun day where we took over a mcmins and everyone drank too much. 
back in may i bought jason's birthday present; 2 tickets to see daniel tosh in concert in seattle. so friday jason and i made the drive to to kirkland to hang out with dave and hannah. saturday we took the bus to seattle got some drinks and then jason and i went to the show while dave and hannah went off and got dinner and waited for us. after the show which was hilarious but tosh is definitely offensive we met dave and hannah at von trapp's on capital hill. the bar has multiple indoor bocce ball games and it entirely decorated in a german theme. they even had das boot but special request but they stop selling it early. hannah and i tried to get one but they had already stopped selling them for the night. once we finished out drinks we went back to kirkland for some fried pickles and more drinks before finally turning in around 2.
also even tho it was monday i got in our new kitchen rug from urbanoutfitters. i love it, i am slowly buying anew things here and there to spruce up our place. and while i cooked cooper just sat on it and watched me.