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Monday, December 30, 2013


12.9.13 - 12.15.13


dan <3. china travel. frozen pond. visiting the new baby at kaiser.

blazer game. balloons for my sissy.

balloons for my sissy. presents for my sissy. strawberry "cake."
wood cookies.


this month has been crazy. here's my attempt to catch up. december 9th my sis and i wen to the bastille concert. our second in a few months. <3 <3 <3
my work trip to china got booked. it is refundable so it's not set in stone yet.
we welcomed a baby girl into the leibham family.
jason and i went to another blazer game and sat pretty darn close. an upgrade from our last nose bleed seats.
and my sissy's 30th birthday!! i tried and failed to surprise her with balloons. unfortunately on the way to her house jasons car blew a tire. aaa cam to change the tire but it still wouldn't work. so i had to wait for a tow truck. turns out a screw either came lose or was missing from the brake and it broke a hole in the wheel. fun times. so my sis had to come pick me up. not the best birthday but i'm glad i got to spend it with her.


12.15.13 - 12.22.13

giving blood. diy xmas gifts. zoo lights. zoo lights.

zoo lights. rosemary vodka. takahashi's. udon.

chinn's xmas gift. xmas dolls.


i made another attempt to give blood, and failed. i'm not scared of needles but id rather not look at them either. once everything was all set up and the blood started flowing i got dizzy and nauseuas. i had to lay down, have a cold wash cloth, and do some breathing exercises. if that wasn't enough the bad was almost full when the blood stopped coming out. the guy tried moving the needle in my arm which felt great but nothing helped. i don't to do good and help people but i'm going to have to find another way because donating blood is not my thing.
my papa had a birthday. jason, sis, and i surprised dad with pizza. and then the fam went out to dinner at takahashi's, one of my dad's favorite restaurants. 


12.22.13 - 12.29.13
family presents. professional wrapper. coopy reindeer. goose!

xmas. gift wrapping. embroidery calendar. video of 2013 diy'ing.


xmas we woke up and cooper wasn't feeling well so we made a trip to dove lewis. he was in pain but we couldn't figure out why. xrays and $375 later we still didn't have an answer. poor little guy. so he went on limited activity, bland diet (chicken and rice), and pain meds. he finally it getting back to normal. 

Monday, December 9, 2013


12.02.13 - 12.08.13

creepy mannequin. frost. blazer game with maggie.
blazers win.

new decor. cooper being weird. vintage store ornament.
give good gift.

game night at the chinn's. xmas tree lot. our tree.
cooper dressed in his xmas gear.

our tree with lights. at the rents. xmas decor.


last week was jammed packed and so will be this week. the temperature has dropped here to be low freezing everyday. we've had a few snow flurries but not enough to stay home.

wednesday night jason maggie and i went to the blazer game and they won. besides losing playing phoenix they've been on a killer run. i have stuff arriving for christmas (present, decor, and things for muah) everyday. i love going home on lunch and finding another package left on our porch. thursday we had dinner at my sis's house with her exchange students. she made pizza rolls, cheese with extra garlic for me. cooper loves going over there because he gets to hang out with his best friend but also he likes to army crawl under her couch and be a weirdo.

friday was a rough day at work and all i needed was a drink. so i made bloody marys and worked on some diy christmas projects.

saturday we got up and headed out to give good gift at union/pine and the portland bazaar before going to washington square for some shopping. i got a cute felt sleeve for my iphone at the portland bazaar. (next weekend is crafty wonderland, yeah!) saturday night was game night at the chinn's. we husbands vs wives and sadly the guys won but we need a rematch!

sunday jason and i got up and went to a neighboring tree farm to pick out our new christmas tree. this is the first year we literally cut the tree down. since we've been together (almost 7 years now) we have had real trees but just bought them from a stand. (growing up we didn't have real trees because my allergies and i suspect is was really that the needles were too messy for the rents.) after we got the tree and the whole house decorated we went to my parents house and made sushi with my sis's exchange students.

and tonight it BASTILLE!!!! at the crystal. i'm so excited. dan is amazing. i can't wait to post some pics!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013


11.25.13 - 12.1.13

new flowers. mushrooms for days. meat lasagna vs 
veggie lasagna. gold polka dots.

chocolate from a stranger. my thankfuls. red hook
brewery. the guys.

the gals. jen, jason, and i. cousins. french bakery.


last week was pretty interesting with thanksgiving. jason and i went to a total of three houses for the festive holiday. a holidays that is surrounded by a big turkey isn't really my thing so i made mushroom gravy and mac and cheese to bring along with me to each destination. our first stop was in portland to my grandparents williams's house. we didn't eat there but we hung out with my grandparents and that side of the family who we don't see often enough. then we went to gresham to my mom's parents house for dinner with that side of the family. we were there until 5 and then drove only about 5 minutes to jason's aunt and uncles house where we spent the rest of the night.

friday i got up and went to a special barre bootcamp class at 8 and then in the afternoon we headed off to seattle to see dave, hannah, and joey. this was the first time coop has been up there and the longest time he's been in a car. but the little guy did great, he slept the entire time there and back. he didn't so much enjoy his new cousin but toward the end of the week he was warming up. dave dvr'd the civil war game she we all watched it together. my beavs came close but sadly the ducks won by one point. (secretly i wanted the ducks to win so dave and jason wouldn't be in bad moods the whole weekend).

hannah and i got up saturday and did barre3 and then got some delicious juices next door. and the nice lady educated us on ginger (the root not lovely red heads) and how a lot of the skins of veggies and fruits have the most nutrients. we had late lunch at redhook brewery which was delicious and i loved my spicy bloody mary. and then we went out to a couple bars and hung out with dave and hannah's friends.

the intent was to get up early and head back to portland so we didn't have to drive in the dark but staying up until 2 am makes waking up before noon very difficult. finally coop said goodbye (and good riddance) to joey and we head back home with a quick stop at the french bakery for a croissant and brioche. we made it back home around 6 and crashed, tired from the long rainy car ride home.