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Thursday, January 10, 2013


i'm not sure why but i really like taxidermy'd things. i know very bad bad vegetarian. but i like faux taxidermy even more. i already have a cardboard deer and a blow head of a tiger but i'm also looking to add more to my collection. i've always liked butterflies but in paris we went to deyrolle and they had such amazing butterfly displays!!! after that i knew i had to have one. i almost considered buying a real butterfly one but thankfully they are too spendy.

tiffanypete paris

then i came across this esty site kate's cottage. this shop has handmade silk butterfly accessories. they are supposed to be hair clips but i took off the clip part, I hope kate doesn't mind. and then i pinned them in a shadow box frame.

three handmade silk butterfly hair clips . the butterfly house . your choice . whimsical and enchanting

this picture below doesn't do it justice. the glass is took reflective, it's hard to get a good picture. but i love it and i made one for my sissy for christmas. 

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