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Friday, September 19, 2014


sine we found out cheri and david are getting married we've been planning the trip to florida. ashley and jodye went first. followed by robert and brad. and finally the last to arrive were hannha, dave, jason, and myself. 

 fort myers beach

on our first day we took the trip to for myers beach.

the boys rented a wave runner while hannah and i soaked up the sun.

we wanted down the pier out into the water and saw manatees! too bad the picture came our terrible. those lil guys are fast swimmers.
 reynolds chateau

eddie and kelly were gractious and opened their entire property to the peterson clan. jodye, brad, ashley, and robert all stayed in the house in extra rooms. jason, dave, hannah, and i got to party it up in the fancy rv.

we spent the majority of our days in the pool.

another animal i sadly didn't get a picture of was longhorn cattle! i don't think we have them around the northwest but they were very majestic.

key west express

the peterson clan took the key west express from for myers to key west.

the view of key west as we rode into the ah-mazing. the harbor, the boats, ah!

 ernest hemingway's house

southern most point of the continental usa

exploring key west

the third and final animal i couldn't get a picture of was a hug iguana, it looked like a komodo dragon. the thing was huge! it was just taking a stroll down the sidewalk into someones backyard.

wedding rehearsal night

cheri and david's wedding day!

hair by hannah.

 leaving florida

we had to get up super earlier to return the car and make our flight. but at least we got to see the pretty sunrise.

one of our many stops on the length way home.

we went from florida to atlanta where our connect flight to kansas city was delayed due to weather in texas. when we finally got to kansas city we had a brief layover where we stayed on the flight and then went back home. it was an extremely exhausting day.


MAY 2014

pre-mother's day 2014

the day before mother's day i went over to my sister's for tea with my grandma williams and mom. i had an eariler hair appointment tat went over so i was very late but i still got to enjoy quality time with my family.


nba playoffs 2014

the blazer made it to the second round of the playoffs. jason and i met some friends at spirit of 77 to watch the frist game of the second round. they lost sadly but at least that made it that far!


mother's day 2014

we started off the day for breakfast at red lion in jantzen beach, ore. with the whole leibham crew. we were celebrating our wonderful mothers and grandma leibham's (alice's) birthday.

lic is actually smiling! showing teeth! a rarity, i had to post this.

my family.

we wanted lic to feel tall for a short while.


council crest (adventures with maggie)

later mother's day day maggie and i went on another hike, this time up tou council crest. the highest point in portlan, ore.


mckensy's 30th birthday

mck turned 30! for the celebration i made a watermelon cake. literally water melon covered with cool whip and raspberries on top. mck and her husband were eating healthy and exercising so i didn't want to through a wrench in their hard work so i made the healthiest cake i could.


thunder from down under, spirit mountain

the ladies and david made a trip to the beach to see the thunder from down under. half the group almost didn't make it when carrie's car got a flat. but by the start for the show everyone was accounted for. it was very entertaining, i'm really glad we went.


backyard makeover.

the birch trees in a our backyard were cut down earlier in the year and  we finally got around to sprucing up the back. we wanted to be able to enjoy the space. i potted a bunch of planted a bunch of plants and veggies (thanks to our neighbors mark and ashley for letting us use some of their pots). we bought click together outdoor flooring and bistro lights from ikea to make it more functional.