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Monday, October 28, 2013


a couple mondays ago i was joined by this lovely group of designers and we went to dinner at andina. it is a peruvian restaurant in downtown portland.

the food was ah-mazing! i hadn't had peruvian food before but i will definitely go back there soon and get some more.

my entree was quinotto "chisaya mama," quinoa "risotto" with cheese, golden beets. local mushrooms, and fresh vegetables, laced with truffle oil. i am a sucker for anything with truffle oil. it looks like a small portion but it is hearty and every bite was so delicious.

for dessert we shared plato de crema quiemada, three pots of creme brulee. i think the flavors were choclate, vanilla, and carrot.


10.21.13 - 10.27.13

 new pink notebook. coopy. costume teaser. kelley's gift.

new pendleton roshes! mermaid costume. amy farrah 
fowler & sheldon cooper.

tbbt crew. the action news team with amy & raj.
joey the beaglier.


this week flew by! it was crunch time for halloween costumes. jason and i made a trip to goodwill to put finishing touches. and i didnt even end up wearing anything we bought this weekend.
tuesday i went a talk about the kay yow cancer fund & received a new notebook with the pink ribbon (inverted for "Y"ow). it was very informative, i knew nothing about kay or the foundation or how much nike contributes.
this friday was my coworker's last day in our group. my boss got her a custom SF9 jersey with her name on the back. i wrapped the present all cute. also on friday was the early release of the nike pendleton collection! i waited in line along with my sis and some other coworkers and got my own pair of pendleton roshes! i love them!!!! and friday night we went to carrie's 2nd annual halloween party in newberg. i was deciding between two costumes but i went with the mermaid. i added some pink extensions, lots of glitter, i made my own shell tshirt, & topped it off with my NYE shirt from last year.
saturday was the big debut of the big bang theory group costume. jason has been wanting to do this for years and he finally convinced everyone to dress up. i was amy farrah fowler, frumpy and awkward. our group looked so good!!!!!!!! i'll post some more pictures soon.
and sunday we welcomed joey to the family. my brother and sister inlaw took the money they got from there wedding about bought this little bundle of joy. he was such a sweetheart even tho he didn't like posing for all my pictures. i also worked on some christmas presents! i'm pretty excited about them!!! i can't wait to share.

Monday, October 21, 2013


10.14.13 - 10.20.13

cooper cam. dinner at andina's. cooper on a walk. mushrooms
at the park.

 homemade butternut squash fries. the pumpkin patch on sauvie's
island. box of apples. tiger mask.

nami being sleepy.


last weekend my dad installed a cooper cam outside coop's kennel. now i can watch him all day. he has really bad separation anxiety so he freaks out when he's left alone. he seems to be more comfortable in his kennel and does relax. and i am able to go home for lunch everyday and let the little guy out to eat and cuddle. 

monday i went to andina's with sam, fran, and colleen. it was great to see them because it's been waaaay to long and the food was delicious! apparently i like peruvian food.
since the weather was so nice this past week i took coop on many long walks around the neighborhood and to the park. he is so good on his leash. even when i let him off and he runs around the park he listens to me and doesn't go far.

saturday we did the pumpkin patch thing on sauvie's island. traffic was super slow getting on to the island and off as everybody was taking advantage of the nice weather. we got pumpkins and i got some fruits and veggies from the market. and! jason and i got caramel apples. i love caramel apples! i bought a could apple to make some of my own.

sunday, i had most the day to myself. jason got up early and took coop to his parents house to watch football. i slept in and then went to ballet at 1. i took the summer off from ballet because we were going to be gone so many weekends i would miss a lot. a few months ago i say a groupon for the portland ballet festival and snatched it up. i was going to body vox before and i like the studio and teacher but it was getting spendy and portland ballet festival is in beaverton only 10 minutes from our house. the teacher is great and the class is fairly small, so there's a lot more attention. after ballet i did a couple errands including an impromtu stop at nordstrom rack, where i spent was too much money but i got some super cute things and a few good basics. then my parents came out so we went to dinner at elmers, breakfast for dinner is the best. and spent a little time at lic's house.

this week is going to be crazy with halloween goodness! and i almost have all my costumes complete!

Monday, October 14, 2013


10.7.13 - 10.13.13

new aloe plant w/ faux leather hanger. diy wood grain 
vases. diy pom pom bag. dollar tree knee ice pack.

me with baby cohen.  wood grain polka dot wrapping by me. 
grandpa williams' 90th bday!! the boys chugging beer.


last week was busy at work while we put together a presentation (we only had to make it not present it). we finished thursday and it came out pretty dang good.

friday i was feeling great when i got to work early but then after having a steamer and muffin my stomach was not happy maybe because it wasn't used to the diary but i left work and went home to rest. but of course i can't really just rest so i made things and wrapped a couple presents. then after hours of being home and relaxing i put myself back together and went to meet ladies at urban fondue. i left early because i figure parking would be bad but it was terrible. i finally parked, after driving around for 25 minutes, by the hospital. and there i finally got to see lil cohen. he was such a happy little baby and at first he wasn't sure about me but he warmed up.

saturday morning i meet with chinn and shannon for brunch at trinket. it is such a cute little place and i recommend the duck eggs benedict (without meet of course) and the beet ginger carrot drink. yum! and i made a trip to fabric depot to stock up on some fabric for making christmas presents. after that i meet up with the fam and went over to my grandparents house to celebrate my grandpa's 90th birthday! that's so crazy! and then back out to beaverton to drive the guys around to random bars on the westside.

Friday, October 11, 2013


these diy vase are not only easy to make  but ridiculously cheap. i bought three glass vases from the dollar tree and wood grain contact paper for under $5 from rite aid.

what you need:
glass vases
wood grain contact paper
(optional) paper cutter

simply all i did was cut the contact paper into strips, peal off the backing and stick it to the glass vases. 
i cut the paper off the roll and trimmed it to the diameter of the vase. i used the paper cutter to make the edges straight. 
it took a couple tries to apply the strips straight but thankfully the contact paper is forgiving.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


9.30.13 - 10.6.13

carrie's official birthday and treats. carrie's bday 
present from me. champagne to celebrate. cooper's 
4th bday. erika's birthday present. mandee and 
scott's condo warming present.


this week was busy with celebrations. monday was carrie's actually 30th day of birth and cooper's 4 years. work included lost of goodies and champagne! then i got some good soft food for cooper for his brithday and hung out with jason and coop. cooper already opened his presents or rather i couldn't wait. i got him a new custom harness from (yeah its a real site and not dirty) and rope leash from GreyPawDesign on etsy.

friday i got to go shopping for work and buy some tees for a presentation. if i could just got shopping everyday i would be a very happy girl. and then jason and i went on a date. we had dinner at ruby tuesdays which we haven't been to in a while and then saw prisoners at cinetopia. prisoners was really good, i highly recommend it! and i had a great time with my love.
saturday we went to mandee and scott's new digs in portland, has some grub, watched a little football and then headed out to wilsonville to celebrate erika's 30th birthday.

i wish i would have took some pictures but i didn't have my phone with me most of the night. it was cowboy themed, complete with a fancy fondant cake and cow spot balloons. we had too much wine and at night moved the party to bushwackers in tualatin. i was not a fan of the people there or the music but i had fun with our group. and didn't wake up until 2pm the next day.