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Sunday, December 30, 2012


a quick glance at the past year...

tubing w/hannah & dave. purple hair. hawaii w/the fam. 1 year wedding anniversary. silkscreening class. colleen's spirit animals bday party. international women's day. biking with bo jackson. les mirables w/mom & lic. pink hair. torii & drews wedding. making wine at tigard wine crafters.
dslr for my birthday. bruce jenner talk. aerial yoga and fabric workshop. getting jason to the portland art museum. antiquing with chinn. hugh laurie & the copper bottom band with the fam. fabric & textile workshop. olympic trials for the hammer. camping with the chinns. amsterdam. london. paris.
kick boxing class. ice skating with cousins. las vegas. rooftop pilates by mandee. home made sushi. seahawks game w/coworkers. lisa lampenelli for jasons birthday. halloween. ballet. josh & jayme's wedding. tragic shootings at clackamas town mall and sandy hook elementary. papa's 60th birthday.


i can't forget my races...

january: run with joan benoit (first women to win the women's olympic marathon). march: shamrock run. april: race for the roses & bridge to brews 10k. may: cinco de mayo. june: starlight run. july: fourth of july c.a.t run. august: run for the fallen troops. september: race for the cure & the color run. october: run like hell. november: hot buttered run. december: winter wonderland of lights.
i wont be able to keep this up next year. i'm falling apart (knees) and it's expensive (estimated $25 a races x 13 = 325). but it was a good goal and i'm proud of everything i accomplished.

Friday, December 28, 2012


we celebrated my sister's 29th birthday with a sushi lunch with mom and dad, strudel dinner (its not the normal kind of strudel, it's a recipe that has been passed down through the generations), and a sunday williams celebration at grandma and grandpa's.


our morning was wake up 7 am open presents at the inlaws, go home shower and open our present from each other, then head out to gresham to have breakfast and open presents. next to my dads side in portland and finally back home for a few needed relaxing hours before turning in for the night.

77 miles

here's just a few of the awesome things i got from my loving friends and family: 't' necklace and gap stripped sweater from my love, not tested on animal products from my fam, longchamp bag (made in paris) from the rents, assorted goodies including striped paper straws/neon animal print socks/nail polish/leopard ring/hemp lotion, slr and ipod travel tripods from my papa, fujifilm "polaroid" from my papa, shoe fund piggy bank from my mama, nike bag from my sister in law. and i took all these lovely photos with my new lighting equipment.

sadly around 3 am (12/26) we lost a great man. morris peterson, jason's paternal grandpa lost his battle. he fought long and hard but he is finally living pain free with the love of his life. he was an amazing husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. 
morris, you will be dearly missed.


we started out at our place and drove to my parents house to drop off coop, then to my mom's parents to open some quick presents, then to my cousin's house for the whole leibham side. next to the inlaws for the peterson family christmas eve (with grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins.) then after a couple hours a quick trip back home to get some clothes and presents for the inlaws and back to jason's parents house. we opened a few presents and then went to bed.

74 miles

here are a few presents i made for the fams....

i made wine at tigard wincrafters. then i made a cute 
little cooper box to hold the geode wine cork.

home made laundry detergent made from borax, arm and 
hammer super washing soda, and dr bronners bar of soap.

boot stuffers (to keep the boot shape) made from 
recycled smart water bottles.

cranberry infused vodka.

blueberry, lemon, and rosemary infused gin

leibham family pics...

the cousins

the cousins + their partners and kids

Thursday, December 27, 2012


we decided to celebrate this wonderful day by going to timberline to go snowboarding. i've been snowboarding since middle school ish and before that i ski'd. i used to go up all the time in high school but now my life has taken over and i am lucky if i make it up to the mountain twice a year. but this year i decided to give my love some money (for christmas and our anniversary) towards snowboard gear. he's been borrowing board/binding and boots, which don't fit him properly. so we went to wired sport in gresham and got a new board and boots for a good deal. i also treated myself to a new jacket (mine is over 10 years old!) then he bought himself some nike snowboarding boots.

my new roxy jacket!

we picked up his sis and her bf and went up to timberline. i wont mention who but someone decided to take the chains out of the car but good thing the 4 wheel drive was enough. the snow was great and there was hardly anyone at the mountain. the driving conditions on the way back down were horrendous. i couldn't see most of the way until we got past sandy. i did find out that i need pretty much all new snowboarding gear. the sole is coming off my boots, my pants got completely soaked through, and my gloves were frozen rock hard but the end of the day. well i guess that means i know what jason will be getting me in the near future. love you honey!

162 miles 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


i officially got my first pair of blackmilk leggings! i bought them cyber monday and just got them in the mail last week. so happy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


i had my last class of my 4 week mini session of absolute beginning ballet last night. i am still awful but it is so much fun!!! i can't wait for the the full 10 week session to start in january! 


chinn & i went on one of your bff dates to the nutcracker by OBT. the second act was awesome & inspires me even more to keep taking ballet.


my advent calendar. templates from
too bad i just ate all the candy in the first few days.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


my brother in law proposed to his lovely girlfriend. they are adorable and make the most perfect couple. i am so happy for them!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


my sis and i went to 947 nrk's december to remember headliner's the KILLERS featuring tegan and sarah & M83. we have definitely amped up our concert going this year and that makes me happy. back in the day we used to go to shows all time. with being a grownup and all, it is difficult to find the time and energy to go out on a school night. but we did it!
i haven't been to a concert in the rose garden in awhile. the arena is not made for music but our seats were pretty sweet. and yes we got seats. we're to old to be in the pit with all the hoodlums. we were second row stage right.

tegan and sara

M83 killed it! i do enjoy them now, especially after finding out they are french. i ended up staying home sick from work the day of the concert due to a migraine and loud french electronica isn't going to help but i survived. i wasn't about to miss a $60+ concert.

the KILLERS were actually a little boring. by the end of the show they improved but most of the band was just dead on stage. brandon flowers was doing his best and he is quite adorable, they had pyrotechnics and fancy things but it wasn't enough. 

KILLERS confetti

Thursday, December 13, 2012


happy birthday to my amazing a beautiful sister, alicia. i love you and have always looked up to you. i hope you had a great day and i can't wait to celebrate this weekend.


we got our tree...

...and jason surprised me by putting up the lights and cleaning the house.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


i swear i do have a life and i dont just sit at home and make crazy things but apparently i dont get out enough. my little guy was my inspiration this year (and every year). i j'adore him. i also made a lot (i mean a lot!) of diy things this christmas as gifts. i enjoy making things and it's always a bonus if it happens to be cheaper then spending a lot of money on something else. here is my sneak peak at my gifts for this xmas. happy holiday everyone!