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Sunday, April 20, 2014


3.24.14 - 4.20.14

jason making me "dinner," reese's and wine. gift for chinn.
sis and i seeing the francis bacon.

making tortillas and pizza dough. finally going snowboarding!
ruby jewel ice cream sandwich.

dinner with the girls. 3rd times a charm-we finally made it to the 
pittock mansion. birthday celebration at work. chvrches.

chvrches. chvrches. vegas! sprinkles.

steven and chantan's wedding. jessica and i trying to make 
it rain. dinner. the fam.

garden in bellagio. butteflies! leaving vegas. cooper 
cookies from my sis.

nam, mas, and coop pillows. spa day for my birthday thanks to 
my sis. st honore goodies. ghost chairs from the rents.

concrete eggs. fresh squeezed orange juice. carnations. coop 
enjoying the sun.



singapore is huge! it's just miles of skyscrapers.

the ballroom in our hotel.


such a great restuarant. it was swedish themed and included a fresh food market.


exploring singapore.

lights, lights, lights.


we walked around for hours trying to decide where to eat and finally agreed to go here. it was pretty good.

the other factory we were visiting was in malaysia but we didn't have any approved hotel for us to stay in. it was short drive across the bored so we room in singapore and work in malaysia. we also got a nice surprise, there was a national holiday during our visit so we had a free day in singapore.


the view from the factory.

we didn't venture out in malaysia at all so the only sights we say were from the car window.

the border.

our last night with jenny. she is my counterpart and the person i talked to most in everyday.

she even got us little gifts, our year animals. mine the rabbit, 1987.


free day.

more beer.

the guys.

dunkin' doughnuts.



chinatown. chinese new years was shortly after our trip so everyday was decorated for it.

this is one of my favorite pictures.

clark quay riverside.


going back to the you es of a.