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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


last weekend was our yearly trip to seattle. jason goes to whatever football game with his brother and my sis and i go shopping. dave moved up to kirkland a couple months ago to live with his gf so it was just lic jason and i that drove up. the boys and hannah went to the coug/ducks game and lic and i went downtown, shopped and ate at serious pie. usually there is a long wait but we got in pretty fast. it was good. the picture on the left is lobster mushroom with truffle (it's a type of mushroom, not lobster and mushrooms. we were sadden to find out after we ordered). the right is penn cove clams with mustard greens, extremely delicious. i would highly recommend. after we ate we picked everyone back up at century link field and headed back to kirkland. 
i'll post pictures of my awesome buys from the trip soon.
in the morning we got up and had breakfast and walked around kirkland for a little bit. they have a beautiful view on washington lake and in the below picture you can see across the water the high rises of seattle.
wonderful statue..."to those families that also serve." there was also a kid on the back side hugging his dad.

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