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Friday, March 1, 2013


materials needed:

piece of super soft fabric (for laying against your face)
elastic (to fit around your head & then some)
about 1 yard of twisted gold rope
1 piece of tiffany blue felt
about 5" of gold fringe rope
hot glue gun, glue & scissors


you may want to make a template so you don't mess up but i'm a trial an error person so i just went for it. i cut out the fut piece first and the used that to cut out the soft piece.

i used the glue gun to stick these two together. only put the glue around the outer edge and leave unglued areas on the sides to attach the elastic band.

glue and wrap the twisted rope around the edge of the felt. i put a little glue on the cut ends of the rope so it doesn't unravel. 

cut out the eye lids.glue the lashes (gold fringe rope) to each eye lid. you can trim the lashes if needed. to glue the lids down only put glue around the edges but not at the lash line. pinch the lid at the lash line a little bit and then stick it to the felt in the appropriate spot.

you can add eyebrows by cutting small pieces of the braided rope and gluing them down.
glue one side of the elastic between the felt and soft material and then glue the edges down and repeat for the other side.

ta-dah! now you can be just as fancy as audrey hepburn.

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