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Monday, June 24, 2013


about a month ago i did a juice cleanse with portland juice press. there was 6 juices a day each followed by water. 

day 1: wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i was a little hungry but what i really wanted was to physically eat something. but i do have a tip if you choose to do a cleanse make sure you are near a bathroom because with all the liquids that you are taking in they will need to come back out.

day 2: i started thinking of all the food i wanted to eat when the cleanse was over. again i wasn't hungry but just yearned for something to chew or bite into.

day 3: was easy. as everyday i wanted to eat something but by day 3 the juice was just normal.

i don't feel like the cleanse had much effect on me or my eating habits. i've been a vegetarian (well pescatarian) for a couple years so i didn't have the toxins in meat to get ride of. i'm not a crazy healthy eater but i do try to fit in my fruits and veggies. i did feel great afterward and i wouldn't be against doing a cleanse again even if it was just to challenge myself. i've had juices from portland juice press since and will continue to get them whenever i can, they are delicious. 

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