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Saturday, March 8, 2014


it's be awhile and a lot has happened. here's my quick synopsis.

1.19.2014 - 3.8.2014

home from asia with my coop. tree decals. souvenirs. gifts.

boomf marshmellows. miley socks. pdx carpet socks.
my name in mandrain.

tbt from singapore. shave ice in oahu. bellows airforce station.
run in hawaii.

chineese new year. waikiki beach at night. bellows beach.
more bellows beach.

hawaii. pineapple hut. j and me. waikiki beach.

royal hawaiian. putt putt. rock climbing. hike.

view on the hike. descending. kayaking. view from another hike.

chinese new year gear. chinese new year dragon. beach.
3rd anniversary gift.

left over snow. valentines gift. valentines goodies for my
coworkers. valentines gift from my love.

art. at miley bangerz tour. miley. miley.

more miley. hike with maggie. colleen's birthday. baby tiffy.

colleen's birthday party. more party pics. fresh eggs.
balloon wiener dog.

more ballon dogs. docks. cooper not feeling well. still not 
feeling well.

marc arrivals. jenn & pat in town! international women's
day. deb's birthday.

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