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Sunday, April 20, 2014


it's been over four months but i'm finally finding the time to update on my past travels. in early january, i went with 3 coworkers to asia for two weeks to develop tees. our trip began in china.

we flew business call where you get to lay completely flat and had perks like your own tv and drinks.

we made a quick stop in japan before taking our connecting flight to shanghai

some airplane food. it wasn't terrible.

we arrived in shanghai late and then took a car 3 hours to ningbo.

this was the lovely view on our first morning. slightly smoggy.

we had a little bit of a drive to get to our new work away from work in beilun.

some decor of our work away from work.

more food. the factory was very nice and ordered lunch for us everyday and then we would go out for dinners.

we all found this little mannequin very creepy and scott would like to put it in random places.

a new morning. less smoggy, thankfully.

not sure what this is but scott and i found it and thought it would be a good idea for them to wear it. ronnie wasn't thrilled.

the factory and our lo partners were very considerate of my food needs. currently i do eat fish so i was able to eat (and eat a lot) through out the whole trip.

my poor love got pneumonia and the flu while i was gone. i couldn't be there to take care of him but since he was stuck at home we were able to face time a lot.

we toured different parts of the factory (some buildings were miles apart). this was the sample room. (in the other facilities we weren't able to take pictures.)

palette art.

more food. the top right is the most amazing chocolate! it's japanese.

i drank more beer on this trip then i have in my entire life. i'm a wine person but i fold to the peer pressure. i wanted so bad to each these delicious looking strawberries but we were all being very careful not to eat or drink the water.

yeyah! presents! my new tech fleece.

more decor around our work away from work.

on our last day we had to take a picture with this guy. everyday we stood our here.

the amount of smoke stacks and power plants was a little scary.

our final meal in beilun/ningbo. we had thai. the bottom left was green curry, so delicious.


we were able to finish up early so we could drive back to shanghai and spend a half day there.

the nike shanghai lo head quarters.

the ritz!

since we were on the fancy floors we got access to the club. which had a wine dispenser! i need one of these!

after having a few drinks...


exploring shanghai.


back on a plane. now to singapore.

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