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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


since i haven't been keeping up on any of my blogging lately here's a quick recap of the last couple months.

my birthday! easter basket i made my sissy, complete with concrete eggs and chicken wire basket. lil coop. i finally got copper mugs, since my favorite drink is a moscow mule but to date i have yet to make any at home.

i did a little diy update to our shoe rack. i've been trying to save money so instead of buying a new one because i hated the current white one, i used wood grain contact paper which i already had on hand and sewed a pendleton cushion (the fabric was on sale and i already had the foam). an unexpected breakfast. my boss and another coworker went to get some tee sublimated and it so happened that particular building was having an open house for the new security, waffle waffles. our last class (wearing our sublimated tees) with the best spin instructor ever! wim. a late birthday present from my sissy, custom gold fishies.

coopy. i completed my 10 weeks of invisalign and now have a permanent retainer on my top teeth. wall street for some yummy garlic rolls. homemade deviled local free range eggs.

megan's birthday at alibi. blazers in the second round of playoffs. mother's day with the fam. hike to council crest with maggie.

mother's day breakfast at the red lion. coopy getting us inthr trouble in the neighborhood. birthday watermelon cake for mckensy. literally watermelon with cool whip and raspberries. the thunder down under with the work ladies.

peonies from the beaverton farmers market. a redo to our back yard. the night view. flying to florida.

lil froggy on our first night in ft myers. fort myers beach. fort myers pier. key west.

southern most point of the continental usa. more key west. key west marina. fort myers.

shari's wedding decor. me and jas. waiting for the shari's wedding to start. dave and shari dancing.

key west later gram. the key west express. bright an early at the airport. flying back home.

my lil guy. indoor plants. coopy at the park. 

f4 poster. my mom trying to sell my childhood goodies at the garage sale. my garndma and grandpa's 70th anniversary. hike with jason and maggie.

coopy being weird. national best friend day! lazer tag for father's day with my family and inlaws. love my papa!

making some sequined goodies. coopy in the bath. my computer freaking out. dazzle camo class through pnca.

dazzle camo photoshoot. artist space at the museum of contemporary craft. hike to pittock mansion with maggie. homemade ice pops.

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