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Thursday, July 28, 2016


i started a blog for myself. I have a terrible memory and i figured if i had a place i could go back to an see what i've done/accomplished i could hold on to these times forever. i'm about 2 years behind on blog so here's my attempt to get caught up.

we left off on the trip Jason and I took to Cancun, Mexico. this was only a week of the month I was gone traveling. the rest of the trip was for work but we were able to have some fun in between.

first stop, Merida, Mexico...

we were invited to the wedding of one of our factory contacts, Paulina. 

Scott, Paulina, the Groom, and myself.

on our way back to the hotel we decided to crash a wedding. the below picture is of the bride and the groom took the picture. we have no idea who either of them were and being the white lady and the asian, i'm sure we stuck out.

every evening after work was done we would walk the city and look at the sites. Merida is an amazing and beautiful city and also very safe. we met a lot of xpats from all over the world that have come to Merida to retire or start a new adventure.

Merida Cathedral, the oldest Cathedral in North America

Patria Monument in Paseo Montejo

more sites around the city. the top left is Frida, the Mexican Hairless dog, Xoloitzcuintli. she didn't want anything to do with me but i thought she was beautiful. Her owner told us that her namesake used rescued these type of dogs. the homeless dog situation on this trip was really hard for me. i love animals and seeing hungry strays walking around hurt. one night i had left over pizza and granted it's not the best for dogs but i left it for one pup. she was very timid but she ate it and i started crying. it felt good to help and i'm so glad she didn't go hungry that night.

Lo Que Hay, one of the best restaurants i've ever eaten at. It was vegan and you don't get to chose your food, they have a set menu. Usually when i travel i am very careful and don't eat raw vegetables but i gave in here because everything looked so good.

Rosas and Xocolate HotelWe fell in love with this place. We also happened to meet to owner and get a private tour. if I every get the chance to return to Merida, i'll be staying at this swanky little hotel

more random building.

our last day at the factory and while i worked to get everything done some other people decided to play around and take pictures on my phone.

San Salvador, El Salvador...


the hotel pool.

evening ping pong and drinks at the factory.

the factory hooked us up with a driver and took us down to the El Salvador coast. It was what i imagine the surface of the sun feels like but beautiful.

me and Shari

me and scully!

San Pedro Sula, Honduras...

in Honduras we didn't get out much. it was the hotel or the factory only. the country hasn't been that safe lately and we didn't want to risk it.

going home...

after a month on the road, i was so happy to be going home to see my family.

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