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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


its been almost a month (but been a crazy time and now i'm playing catch up) since we went camping with the chinn's. we drove up to paradise river campsite in washington. it wasnt the most prepared camping trip as none of ours have been. jason and i (or rather he likes to blame me) always forget something. well this time we brought a tent we have never used and it had no poles. thankfully we drove jason's car so we folded down the back seats and blew up our blow up mattress in the back. it actual worked to our benefit because it rained and we kept dry inside the car. that wasn't the only thing we forgot, i won't go into detail but we were still able to make it through two days and one night.
the boys had to mcgyver the tarp to keep us dry.
jiffy pop.
we went on a hike and saw a very beautiful forest.
jason sitting on the log that bridged the two sides of the stream.
we finally gave up when it had rained for hours on end and packed up and drove to the cabin about an hour away.
we stayed up late drinking sugary drinks and playing catch phrase. which i am amazing at that game and whatever team i'm on hardly loses. our trip was really fun we had a lot of good laughs and i would definitely do it again as long as it's not raining and we need to have showers and proper bathrooms.

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