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Friday, July 6, 2012


i had a very busy fourth of july and covered a lot of  ground. i woke up at 645am in order to get to a 5k in hillsboro. this was the c.a.t. fun run and walk to raise money and awareness for cancer. so far this year they have raised $58,500. of course i did this 5k with mck. i'm going to be gone for the bowerman 5k this year it was my july run.
after the race i "raced" home to shower and grab jason and coop and drive out to canby for the canby days festival and wiener dog races. this was coopers very first time at a wiener dog race. he is a fast little guy but the starting box scared him and he doesn't care for other humans or animals so it was a failed attempt. 
after the race i drove out to gresham to meet with our travel agent and go over the details of our trip. 7 days left!!!!!! once the meeting was over  i drove to portland to a barbque at colleen's. jason met me there and we stayed for a couple hours before going back to beaverton for more food at my inlaws. we don't want to leave coop alone during fireworks, he's been with us the last couple years and i usually hold him the whole time.
and finally home to bed because we had work the next day.

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