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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


we took our annual las vegas vacation in august (only a few weeks after i got back from europe, sorry boss ma). (this was jason's second vegas trip this summer, he loves it.) the past few times we stayed in mgm because we really like their lazy river pool but we changed it up and stayed in nyny.
i made jason walked down to paris las vegas because i missed paris france. it doesn't even compare to the real eiffel tower but made me sad.
the saddest sight!!!! this was once where the best and only gambling game was. the past few years we spent many nights here playing a miniature horse racing game. we asked around and apparently the game broke and since it was a one of a kind there are not any replacement pieces available. i wanted to cry.
here is the game from last year. tiny people on horse race around a track! what could be better!!!!

we spent the next morning at the pool and then went out to oldtown/fremont street. we tried to go ziplining again, unsuccessfully. the zipline was closed the whole time we were in vegas due to lightening.
the golden nugget got a full makeover. the hotel is gorgeous and it has this awesome slide that goes through a fish tank with sharks!
we made dave ride the bull for his birthday. pretty funny.
we also made a few famestops. 1st stop to the site of pawn stars the reality show. 
the actual store is really small and it didn't seem like they had many things for sale other then pawn start merchandise and of course none of the people were working.
next stop to the little white chapel from the hangover. the chapel is crazy, there are so many things to look at, cheesy but amazing.
the sign! (it's not the "welcome to las vegas" but pretty close.)
beer pong at blondies. dave and hannah made it through to the second round. jason and i did not but i have never been good at beer pong.
a nice little surprise. deb happened to be in vegas at the same time and she met up and party'd with us.

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