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Monday, August 5, 2013


7.29.13 - 8.4.13

taking the stairs. new nike studiowraps. namichan. namichan's 
little feet. painting at sissy's. artichoke flower.

we were hoping to get a easy laid back weekend before we are jammed packed the next six weekends but you never get what you want. the past couple weeks at work had been a little stressful and i'm always cool as a cucumber (i don't think ive used that phrase before, ha!). so i was very thankful for my boss to return from traveling and the weekend. 

after leaving work around 1 on friday (thank you summer hours) i went home and got a ton of reading done while coop and jason napped. i finished french women dont get fat, a really informative book which has newly inspired me to park on the top floor of the parking garage at work, take extra time eating to enjoy the floors and nutrition, and drink more wine.

i also bought new nike studio flats. i tried them months ago but they didn't work for ballet and i don't do enough pilates or yoga to need them. but this last month i started doing barre fitness. we get a discount but still it isn't cheap. i like it a lot and it has motivated me to get back to my daily gym routine. so i decided to give the studio wraps another chance at barre and they work fabulous. i haven't yet but i want to try them during my home workouts to p90x, insanity, and zumba (when i just don't feel like going to the gym).

saturday i got up made a gym trip where i started my new book coco chanel & igor stravinsk by chris greenhalgh (which i rented from the library on my kindle. i just realized that i could do that and that the library has good ebooks). then i headed to the beaverton farmers market for some much needed fruits and veggies. and an 1 hour and $63 later i was set with 3 big bags of goodness and an artichoke flower. after that jason and i made a quick trip to the employee store where i bought a new pair of kicks (shocking i know) and then brought linner (lunch-dinner) to my parents, sis, and grandpa at my sisters new house. they had spent the whole day cleaning and prepping for the house to get painted this week. 

sunday more i wake up to a call from my beautiful sis and the painter they hired backed out. sucks. so jason and i got up and went to the pool while we waited to here when my family would be over at my sis's to paint. we started painting around 2 and finished the day at 7. painting sucks, you never think it'll be that bad until you've start and realize you've only done one wall in 3 hours.

these busy weekends don't allow me much time to do some diy'ing but i will make time soon. i have some many projects that are just waiting for me to start.

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