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Monday, August 12, 2013


8.5.13 - 8.11.13
vegan ballet shoes. lawn flamingo. cooper. lic's family room. lic's record 
player and jesus. wine. getting ready for 80s night. jason and i on the 
portland spirit. 80s night on the portland spirit. video: trampoline dodge
 ball. video: foam pit. cooper.

this was a busy week which will be common for jason and i until mid september. i bought new pink vegan ballet slippers from cynthia king. a new weekly routine for jason and i is to sit on our patio at least once a week and enjoy the warm evenings. i read while j sits on the computer and cooper cuddles. my sis moved into her new house and cooper model for me. saturday night we went on the portland spirit for 80s night to celebrate jasons sisters birthday. sunday we went to sky high sports trampoline park. i sat and took pictures because i was feeling rough from the night before. and lastly goose enjoyed the wind on our drive home from jasons parents house. 

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