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Thursday, December 27, 2012


we decided to celebrate this wonderful day by going to timberline to go snowboarding. i've been snowboarding since middle school ish and before that i ski'd. i used to go up all the time in high school but now my life has taken over and i am lucky if i make it up to the mountain twice a year. but this year i decided to give my love some money (for christmas and our anniversary) towards snowboard gear. he's been borrowing board/binding and boots, which don't fit him properly. so we went to wired sport in gresham and got a new board and boots for a good deal. i also treated myself to a new jacket (mine is over 10 years old!) then he bought himself some nike snowboarding boots.

my new roxy jacket!

we picked up his sis and her bf and went up to timberline. i wont mention who but someone decided to take the chains out of the car but good thing the 4 wheel drive was enough. the snow was great and there was hardly anyone at the mountain. the driving conditions on the way back down were horrendous. i couldn't see most of the way until we got past sandy. i did find out that i need pretty much all new snowboarding gear. the sole is coming off my boots, my pants got completely soaked through, and my gloves were frozen rock hard but the end of the day. well i guess that means i know what jason will be getting me in the near future. love you honey!

162 miles 

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