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Sunday, December 16, 2012


my sis and i went to 947 nrk's december to remember headliner's the KILLERS featuring tegan and sarah & M83. we have definitely amped up our concert going this year and that makes me happy. back in the day we used to go to shows all time. with being a grownup and all, it is difficult to find the time and energy to go out on a school night. but we did it!
i haven't been to a concert in the rose garden in awhile. the arena is not made for music but our seats were pretty sweet. and yes we got seats. we're to old to be in the pit with all the hoodlums. we were second row stage right.

tegan and sara

M83 killed it! i do enjoy them now, especially after finding out they are french. i ended up staying home sick from work the day of the concert due to a migraine and loud french electronica isn't going to help but i survived. i wasn't about to miss a $60+ concert.

the KILLERS were actually a little boring. by the end of the show they improved but most of the band was just dead on stage. brandon flowers was doing his best and he is quite adorable, they had pyrotechnics and fancy things but it wasn't enough. 

KILLERS confetti

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