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Monday, October 21, 2013


10.14.13 - 10.20.13

cooper cam. dinner at andina's. cooper on a walk. mushrooms
at the park.

 homemade butternut squash fries. the pumpkin patch on sauvie's
island. box of apples. tiger mask.

nami being sleepy.


last weekend my dad installed a cooper cam outside coop's kennel. now i can watch him all day. he has really bad separation anxiety so he freaks out when he's left alone. he seems to be more comfortable in his kennel and does relax. and i am able to go home for lunch everyday and let the little guy out to eat and cuddle. 

monday i went to andina's with sam, fran, and colleen. it was great to see them because it's been waaaay to long and the food was delicious! apparently i like peruvian food.
since the weather was so nice this past week i took coop on many long walks around the neighborhood and to the park. he is so good on his leash. even when i let him off and he runs around the park he listens to me and doesn't go far.

saturday we did the pumpkin patch thing on sauvie's island. traffic was super slow getting on to the island and off as everybody was taking advantage of the nice weather. we got pumpkins and i got some fruits and veggies from the market. and! jason and i got caramel apples. i love caramel apples! i bought a could apple to make some of my own.

sunday, i had most the day to myself. jason got up early and took coop to his parents house to watch football. i slept in and then went to ballet at 1. i took the summer off from ballet because we were going to be gone so many weekends i would miss a lot. a few months ago i say a groupon for the portland ballet festival and snatched it up. i was going to body vox before and i like the studio and teacher but it was getting spendy and portland ballet festival is in beaverton only 10 minutes from our house. the teacher is great and the class is fairly small, so there's a lot more attention. after ballet i did a couple errands including an impromtu stop at nordstrom rack, where i spent was too much money but i got some super cute things and a few good basics. then my parents came out so we went to dinner at elmers, breakfast for dinner is the best. and spent a little time at lic's house.

this week is going to be crazy with halloween goodness! and i almost have all my costumes complete!

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