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Monday, October 28, 2013


10.21.13 - 10.27.13

 new pink notebook. coopy. costume teaser. kelley's gift.

new pendleton roshes! mermaid costume. amy farrah 
fowler & sheldon cooper.

tbbt crew. the action news team with amy & raj.
joey the beaglier.


this week flew by! it was crunch time for halloween costumes. jason and i made a trip to goodwill to put finishing touches. and i didnt even end up wearing anything we bought this weekend.
tuesday i went a talk about the kay yow cancer fund & received a new notebook with the pink ribbon (inverted for "Y"ow). it was very informative, i knew nothing about kay or the foundation or how much nike contributes.
this friday was my coworker's last day in our group. my boss got her a custom SF9 jersey with her name on the back. i wrapped the present all cute. also on friday was the early release of the nike pendleton collection! i waited in line along with my sis and some other coworkers and got my own pair of pendleton roshes! i love them!!!! and friday night we went to carrie's 2nd annual halloween party in newberg. i was deciding between two costumes but i went with the mermaid. i added some pink extensions, lots of glitter, i made my own shell tshirt, & topped it off with my NYE shirt from last year.
saturday was the big debut of the big bang theory group costume. jason has been wanting to do this for years and he finally convinced everyone to dress up. i was amy farrah fowler, frumpy and awkward. our group looked so good!!!!!!!! i'll post some more pictures soon.
and sunday we welcomed joey to the family. my brother and sister inlaw took the money they got from there wedding about bought this little bundle of joy. he was such a sweetheart even tho he didn't like posing for all my pictures. i also worked on some christmas presents! i'm pretty excited about them!!! i can't wait to share.

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