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Monday, October 14, 2013


10.7.13 - 10.13.13

new aloe plant w/ faux leather hanger. diy wood grain 
vases. diy pom pom bag. dollar tree knee ice pack.

me with baby cohen.  wood grain polka dot wrapping by me. 
grandpa williams' 90th bday!! the boys chugging beer.


last week was busy at work while we put together a presentation (we only had to make it not present it). we finished thursday and it came out pretty dang good.

friday i was feeling great when i got to work early but then after having a steamer and muffin my stomach was not happy maybe because it wasn't used to the diary but i left work and went home to rest. but of course i can't really just rest so i made things and wrapped a couple presents. then after hours of being home and relaxing i put myself back together and went to meet ladies at urban fondue. i left early because i figure parking would be bad but it was terrible. i finally parked, after driving around for 25 minutes, by the hospital. and there i finally got to see lil cohen. he was such a happy little baby and at first he wasn't sure about me but he warmed up.

saturday morning i meet with chinn and shannon for brunch at trinket. it is such a cute little place and i recommend the duck eggs benedict (without meet of course) and the beet ginger carrot drink. yum! and i made a trip to fabric depot to stock up on some fabric for making christmas presents. after that i meet up with the fam and went over to my grandparents house to celebrate my grandpa's 90th birthday! that's so crazy! and then back out to beaverton to drive the guys around to random bars on the westside.

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