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Friday, January 18, 2013


the best dad in the whole world turned 60 on december 18th. we did something  a little different for his birthday this year. he never wants anything for his birthday, christmas, or even father's day. a hug will do. well we know how special our dad is and so i came across an idea on pinterest (i know shocking right). well a girl sent letters out to everyone her dad knew with a request to send back memories and get 60 to share with her dad on his birthday. well we changed it up a bit. we sent out emails and facebook messages. we live in the digital world so we might as well embrace it. we didn't get back 60 but 49, not bad! i ordered some airmail envelopes to stuff the letters in and my sis designed a letter head. 
we decided to go out to desert at papa haydens on his birthday because we all worked (except dad) and i had ballet until 730.
and of course he loved them!! we only got through one of the 3 stacks during desert but he finished up the rest at home. the stories were amazing! we got so many different people from his life and it was great to read all the memories! papa i love you more then anything, you are my role model.

and he even loved his cherry chocolate chocolate cake. silly.


but it didn't stop there....we had a little surprise birthday party for him a few days later! we had our closest friends and some family over and ate dinner and hung out.

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