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Sunday, January 13, 2013


if you know me at all you probably know that i have a little problem with shiny things and leopard. i came across this skirt awhile back and wanted it so badly. but sadly they are crazy expensive! so i decided to make my own.


i don't have a tutorial but.... 
get a pattern. 
buy material, thread, and zipper. 
cut out pattern and material.
and sew together (sewing machine with jean needle suggested). 

sequined material is pretty expensive and it's not easy to find good material. i went to joann's and mill end and found nothing i liked so i made the trip out to fabric depot. i would recommend watching for sales or coupons. this was one of the cheaper sequined material and it was over $30 a yard.

and i finished it by nye!
here's pictures from our night.

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