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Monday, September 23, 2013


my bff chinn turned 27 this week. bastille at the doug fir. 
diy'ing. yummy lunch of salmon bites, jalapeno rolls, 
and mushrooms with vegan cheese and tuna.

chinn's birthday cake. overalls.


this week wasn't crazy busy but there were some highlights. friday after happy hour with my coworkers, my sis and i went to see bastille at the doug fir. they were amazing!!!! one of the best shows we've been too. and when dan came into the crowd he locked hands with my sister. i tried to take a picture but i was in shocked.
i finally made time to make some diy things and taking some pictures. 
and i got together with some people i haven't seen in awhile to celebrate ashley's 27th birthday and check her new house in portland.

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