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Monday, September 30, 2013


9.22.13 - 9.29.13

yvonne's birthday. pillows. bloody mary.


this week wasn't crazy but i kept busy. monday night we went to thirsty lion at washington square to celebrate yvonne's birthday. it's got a little crazy, i thought the neighboring tables would complain. there's never a dull moment with yvonne.

our new pillow collection is coming along very nicely. before we had the same red and yellow pillows covering our couch and i was sick of them. so i have been slowly getting new cases to cover those. i bought 3 from h&m home online (one of my new favorite stores), 1 from ikea, and i made the "that's my spot" pillow on cafepress for jason's birthday.

the rest of the week was pretty uneventful except for me going back to the gym. it feels so good to be able to workout again.

friday we got some sweet gear from work. i got an amazing jacket and vest for free and a couple present for the guys.

saturday was jam packed. i met with my roommate from college to go over her impending nuptials. i'm going to help her with some wedding designs. then i picked up lic and went to portland to celebrate cayden and tristans birthdays. and then back out to beaverton to get ready and go out to celebrate carrie's dirty thirty. i tried my best to catch up to the girls but i couldn't quite get to their level but we had a ton of fun! i love my work family, we have become so close these past couple years.
and sunday i took a long nap and got a bloody mary to boost my system.

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