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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


9.9.13 - 9.16.13

future eyes. grouplove hat. grouplove at the star theater. 
my boss wearing a coconut bra.

coe funday with some of the crew. tosh at the paramount theater. 
drinking with dave and hannah. coopy on our new rug.


busy as always. last week was rough for my knee. i couldn't work out and could barely walk so i took wednesday and worked from home to give it a rest. my sis and i went to our third grouplove show. i love them! we had the annual coe fun day where we took over a mcmins and everyone drank too much. 
back in may i bought jason's birthday present; 2 tickets to see daniel tosh in concert in seattle. so friday jason and i made the drive to to kirkland to hang out with dave and hannah. saturday we took the bus to seattle got some drinks and then jason and i went to the show while dave and hannah went off and got dinner and waited for us. after the show which was hilarious but tosh is definitely offensive we met dave and hannah at von trapp's on capital hill. the bar has multiple indoor bocce ball games and it entirely decorated in a german theme. they even had das boot but special request but they stop selling it early. hannah and i tried to get one but they had already stopped selling them for the night. once we finished out drinks we went back to kirkland for some fried pickles and more drinks before finally turning in around 2.
also even tho it was monday i got in our new kitchen rug from urbanoutfitters. i love it, i am slowly buying anew things here and there to spruce up our place. and while i cooked cooper just sat on it and watched me.

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