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Monday, September 9, 2013


9.2.13 - 9.8.13

homemade sushi at the rents. sudoku. growing my own sprouts. 
jason's birthday dinner at claim jumper.

my diy for jason's present. 33 gummie bear rainbow chip 
cake. cocktail hour at the stephenson wedding. the petersons.

i want, ghost chairs. jason and i cocktail hour. happy 
birthday jason in japanese. mr & mrs stephenson.


we had an eventful week. monday was labor day so there was no work. we met my fam at oaks park to get on some free rides. jason had his fantasy football draft so we went home after that but the rest of the crew went back to my parents house to make sushi with lic's exchange student uki. monday night i finally busted out the sudoku game i got for a christmas exchange gift from my aunt and uncle. and i found out i am terrible and keep cheating. 

by wednesday my knee was acting up badly so i put on my huge knee brace and wore it all day thursday and friday. i made a dr appointment for the following week but i got yelled at and finally went to urgent care on friday. and yipppeee i have a diagnosis! patella/r tendinitis with inflammation. the funny thing is i have no idea how this happened. i don't jump and nor do i play sports. i have been instructed to wear my brace, do no repetitive bending of the knee, ice/heat it, elevate it when possible and take some meds. it's painful some days but i can already feel it getting better. i only have to abstain from working out for one week and then i'll start physical therapy so make it strong so i don't have to go through this again. 

friday jason and i went to claim jumpers for an early birthday dinner. i can't believe he is 33, so old. saturday was the big day for kelsey and josh. we were honored to be guest invited to this soiree. it was beautiful and such a great time! and we rounded out with a birthday lunch for jason with my fam at rock bottom for some bomb mac and cheese and dinner at the in-laws.

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