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Friday, June 8, 2012

the peterson clan surprised morris in his own house with an impromptu barbecue last saturday.
everyone thought this garden was ugly but i loved it!
an amazing painting in the house.
just as we were leaving to head to the starlight run jason's car went crazy and wouldn't work so that was a fun $200 fix, i guess it could have been worse.

our 5k for the month of june was the starlight run. i would highly recommend this run for any beginner. there are so many people and a lot of people who walk so you can't go very fast. it was over before we even knew it. the costumers were insane. there were a lot of elvis (i wore my elvis costume from a few halloweens ago but without the cape and mike i just look like i was wearing a normal bejeweled jumper). a few odd costumes included a group of people carrying a pyramid, baby jesus and his manger friends, and even a family of three rolling a monster truck wheel. portland is crazy to say the least.
mck and me
bath towels, wedding dress, & traffic cones.
oh yes again. jason and i had so much fun we decided to pay the ridiculous cover again and bring dave and hannah.