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Saturday, June 16, 2012


this past Wednesday i took work off and spent some quality time on diy/grafts and quality time with my coop.
crazy soft bunny puff for your hair. click here for the tutorial. i bought my hair ties from michaels but you can also find them on esty.
i love the inspiration! i went to 3 different fabric stores and couldn't find a cheap applique similar to the tutorials. finally i found some bridal lace and bought dye to make them pink. i decided to hand sew on my lace with as minimal stitches as possible (just so i could take them off and it wouldn't ruin my shorts). check out the tutorial here.
there isn't a tutorial but i just found cool metal jewelry pieces i had laying around and used E-6000 (found at any hardware or craft store) to glue them on. i searched online for cheap glasses and found these on for $8.
i bought my shorts from target awhile back because i liked the rich red color. scallops are everywhere so i thought i'd try it out on these because they were pretty inexpensive. i first made a pattern for my scallops to insure they would all be the same then i traced them onto the shorts and cut it out. i ironed interfacing to stiffen the edges and sewed all the edges to finish them off.
i came across these adorable jean shorts in pinterest from ofakind. they were a little too spendy for me at  $68 so i decided to make them. i have a few yards of jean material left over from a screen printing class i took and thick elastic band from my 80s peplum skirt. so this whole project cost me $0. i didn't have a pattern so i just winged it. i had to try them on several times and pull out some seams and start over but now i have a custom fit part of cute jean shorts.
silk cotton scarf. i found this beautiful material and had no idea what i was going to do with it until i found this bright yellow bias tape. it was pretty tricky because the strip material was slippery but finally i finished and love it!
i took a little trip to oregon leather last week and bought up a few scraps. collars are everywhere lately, jeweled, spiked, and glittered. so i thought why not a made a couple of my own. again i didn't have any templates so i tried to make a few out of paper first before cutting the leather.

it was a very successful day.

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