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Friday, June 8, 2012


last saturday we had another play date but this was with the portland dachshund meet up group. i would highly recommend anyone check out, it has groups for everything. it would be a great resource for new parents who dont have any friends with kids or if your new to an area and want to meet other people your age. this is the third meetup we have gone too and cooper is slowly starting to interact with the other dogs. coop has a hard time trusting other people and other dogs (cats no longer have a chance, he knows what they are and bolts after them). but once he trusts someone he absolutely loves them and is a big cuddle bug. i think he was pretty tired from hanging out with barnaby the day before. the full size wiener dogs came. they are huge! they make cooper look so tiny.
he's huge! but so sweet.
a small interaction before he came running back to me.
he is a small full size wiener.
he was just adorable and kept coming over to me.