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Thursday, June 21, 2012


1. lay out your fabric. i used 1.5 yards depending on what kind of skirt you want you make want more or less.
2. straighten any edges.
3. start pinning pleats.
4. make sure you have enough pleats to be the length of your waist band (or vice versa).
5. use a long length stitch to sew down the pleats.
6. sew on the waist band. the band should be on the outside of the skirt.
7. after you ensure it fits sew the two edges of the band together. i used a wide but tight zigzag stitch.
8. start hemming with's easier if you have someone to help you pin the length while you have it on. i did it myself so i kept having to try on the skirt and adjust the length accordingly.
9. once you have the right length all the way around cut off the extra fabric (make sure you still have a 1/4- 1/2 extra for the hem.
10. sew the hem.
11. done!
there are many great tutorials out there on how to make maxi skirts. here's a couple i have come across...individual rivalrymorning by morning productions, and elle apparel.

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