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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


10.28.2013 - 11.2.2013
'arry potter. zack & kelly with a nurse & devil. zack & kelly.
fortune cookie, baby girl austin gift.


this past week was the conclusion of halloween.
thursday on the day of halloween i put on my long sleeve floor length black dress (that i wore for my coco chanel costume last february)  and my new scarf and glasses and went as harry potter. i wore this to work all day and when i came home i donned my black cape and gave myself a makeup scar on my forehead. i did a mini photoshoot and of course coop wanted to be involved. 
friday we dressed up again to g out to jones, and 80s 90s bar in chinatown. this time we dressed as zack morris and kelly kapowski from saved by the bell. it was one of jasons favorite shows and he would dominate anyone at std trivia.
saturday we slept in a little bit and then were lazy for the most of the day. we finally got up and met my parents at my sisters place. we hung around there and then lic and i went to washington square for some shopping. we got a couple things then went to eat at green wok on capitol hwy. green wok is a vegan chinese restaurant and it was delicious. the food tasted similar to one of our favorite resturant's the vegetarian house and we found out that there is some relation between the two places. 
sunday i woke up early to get ready, pick up my sis, and be out in gresham by 11 for our cousin's baby shower. we couldn't stay long because i had to be back out in beaverton for my ballet class. we ate some food and made hair bands for the little girl. then back out to beaverton but sadly i didn't end up making it back in time for my class. 

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