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Monday, November 18, 2013


11.11.13 - 11.17.13

mi familia, thank a vet day. cooper & max keeping me 
company while i'm a home sick. new seasons bouquet.

harley the blue heeler.


i thought this past week i was going to get some much done but sadly i came down with a head cold and worked from home two days and was worthless the rest of the time. on tuesday i picked up max and him and cooper snuggled with me. actually cooper snuggled and max barked and ran at the door about every half hour. even tho i'm sick i still made it to xtend barre and ballet but i did sit out the last 20 minutes of ballet because i was dizzy.

jason's sister and her bf bought a little puppy named harley. she's a tiny blue heeler and really sweet. we got to play with her on sunday. cooper could care less, he just doesn't like when jason and my attention is off him. that's as much excitement as i can handle in my weak state. i hope i can start feeling better soon.

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