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Thursday, November 7, 2013


i am finally posting pictures from our kauai trip back in august.

the flight went by quick. i was prepared with books, ear plugs, and a sleep mask.

jason and i flew out to meet up with his mom, dad, sister, and sister's boyfriend. they had been in kuaui almost a week already.

everyone knew we were coming except jason's mom. we surprised her at the hotel. jason and i both jumped in the pool and swam over to her. her back was turned and jason said "excuse ma'am do you have any sunscreen?" jodye did a double take and couldn't believe we were there.


the next day we took a boat trip around the island.

this is the sharks eye. the ceiling of the cave fell in years ago.

we saw a group of spinner dolphins on our journey. they would jump out of the water and do spins in the air. they were so darn cute.

and then did a little snorkeling.

after our boat trip we made a short trip to waimea canyon.

and then on our way back to the house we got snow cones. but these weren't your normal snow cones. these had ice cream in them too. the bottom of the cup had a couple scoops of ice cream (mine had macadamia nut) and then that was topped off with ice and flavoring.

the next day (i think) we went to a local golf course. we all partook in hitting balls on the driving range and then the guys did a round of golf (this day started jason's new hobby). ash jodye and i drove the gold carts around while the boys putted around.

for dinner we went to puka dog. and they had a veggie dog so i was happy. puka dog isn't a normal hotdog place. they take a solid hotdog bun with a hole and toast it. then they put the relishes of your choice inside and slip the dog in.


we spent a couple days just exploring the area and walking down the beach.

my sister text me with this picture. 

jason and his dad throwing the football around.


brad was burned out so they rest of us went to the north shore and the caves.

maniniholo dry cave.


we drove through this tree tunnel just about every day. it was beautiful.


i'd finally got back into my normal work out routine right be we left so i had to keep it up. i took a few runs and did my own version of barre.

i took this picture on one of my runs. it'd be really easy to get used to the view.


luau at the hilton gardens.

ahh the food! so delicious!

view of the hilton from the beach side.


then it was back home for us. :(

view leaving the islands.

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