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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


11.4.13 - 11.10.13

the lil vogt nugget. me holding jack. homemade pendleton-esq 
blankets. back to ballet.


this past week went by crazy fast. i came down with a migraine early on and it threw off the remainder of the week. but the good things that happened were mandee and i went to visit mck and baby jack on our lunch on friday. he was pooped from a drs app so he didn't even open his eyes the whole time we were there. 

i've already started my xmas making and buying. i have a list already made for the special people in my life and i'm checking it off. i made two pups pendleton-esq fleece blankets. and i have another little special sewing project that includes the pups in the works. 

i started a new barre class in beaverton, xtend barre. it completely kicked my butt and 3 days later i am still sore.i went back to ballet after going to my first class since spring and then two weeks off. i love the teacher, les. he is always correcting me which i really needed.

i almost forgot; my sis and i went to and saw about time on sunday. it was a really good movie. i cried, i laughed, all the emotions were there. i would recommend seeing it, just be prepared it is a 2 hour movie.

it's already tuesday but i have so much this week to do!

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